Did You Cum On Your Mistress?

cum is splattered all over Me and I can’t have that…

Oh, poor pathetic bitch!  That was absolutely the wrong thing to do!  This was supposed to be a long involved teasing session.  Did I give you permission to cum?  I most certainly did not!  I mean, it was what, your second edge?  You didn’t even beg properly, just nutted off.  And to make matter worse, you shot that spooge all over your Mistress!

What Are WE Going To Do With That Cum?

There certainly is a lot of it, isn’t there slut?  Well, at least I know that you haven’t been sneaking any unauthorized wanking in between our sessions.  I am still quite disappointed however. There’s jizz everywhere!  And I do not like an untidy sub.  Just what do you think we’re going to do about that?  Oh, I think you know exactly what we’re going to do about all this free flowing spunk, don’t you

Lick It Up

Oh yes, my misbehaving pet, you are going to lick up every rope, every drop, every little speck of that cum.  Start down there at my feet and start licking up that jizz.  I can’t have cum stains on my thigh highs!  Now, get up here, on my chest, you got some there too – although for the life of me, I didn’t think you’d be able to shoot that far!  At least you didn’t get any on my face, that would have made me very, very cross with you! 

Now, let me get that chastity cage, so we can make sure this never happens again…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine