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Perception is Everything

After my last post came out, about being bathed in cum, the response was all over the place.  Some of you were openly in awe of cum slut “D” who saved up crazy loads of cum and poured it down his throat and then gave himself a cum facial at my direction.  I get that.  Cum eating is very naughty; taboo even.  Yet many of you are either already doing it, or fantasizing about it.

It was the other reactions that amused me even more.  Surprised me too.  The ones that went the other direction.  I realized that the advanced methods can be viewed as cum punishment or reward.  Let me explain.

Real Comments About Cum Eating

I got emails from guys who read about “D” being bathed in cum, and said this:

  • “That is really nasty”.  To which I replied, “Thank you!”
  • “Nobody really does that.”   I just laughed.
  • “You took things too far.”  With cum cravers, that is impossible!

The funny thing is that these guys did not have the cajones to comment here on the blog.  Oh no.  They emailed it privately to me.  Which immediately tells me that they had a really strong reaction to the thought of eating so very much cum, and/or having it poured over their face.  Hmmm.  We all know the quote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  Well…I think these guys protest too much.

The truth is that they long to be coerced to cum into a container, load after load.  To keep it secreted in the back of their freezer, knowing it is there, waiting for the big day.  These protesters want me to tell them to open their mouth wide, tip that container and drink, drink, drink!  They long to feel the cum overflow the boundaries of their mouth, and drip down their chin, splashing on their chest.  Otherwise, they would have simply read that post and gone on with life.

Cum Punishment or Reward?

If you are reading this post now, you have, at least, a curiosity about cum eating.  Stop denying it!  The truth is that anything can seem like a punishment or a reward.  It depends on the person, and the situation.  I have this sneaking suspicion that you shocked guys have a deep need to be coerced into eating a bunch of cum so that you can say, “She made me do it.  I didn’t want to.  I had no choice.”  This makes me smile.

When we are in session together, it will make me laugh.  Because I know you.  I know how your mind works.  It can be difficult to admit how badly you want something; to give yourself permission to try it.  I will take that burden off of you.  Call me and be prepared to begin the preparations for your own totally over the top, nasty cum eating session.  I will get you there. I will take charge.  And whether you see it as cum punishment or reward, you will have an incredible experience with me!

Do you long to be bathed in cum?

What stops you from trying this nasty cum eating method?