There Is More Than One Way To Be A Cum Slave

Which type are you?

I love watching my pets play with cum.  And in all the time I’ve been an erotic Femdom, and had men eating their own jizz for my amusement, I’ve found that those who play with cum seem to fall into one of two camps – the Cum Slave and the Bukakke Slave. 

A True Cum Slave

Cum Slaves are all about eating their own cum.  Whether it’s because I expect and demand it of them – you should always clean up your own mess – or because they are true cum junkies, they’re all about slurping up that spunk.  They may nut off into their hand, into a plate or glass, or even onto the floor, or they might just be able to get into that perfect self-sucking position and jet off right into their spooge hole.  But however it happens, they know when they’re done that they have to like up every last drop! And they love it!!

Bukkake Slave

Bukkake slaves love to be covered in cum.  On their face, in their hair, on their chest.  The more jizz, the better.  So, while most cum slaves are solo artists and eat their own, a bukkake slave just isn’t going to produce enough!  Oh, there are ways (check out Bukkake Game for tips) But usually, they have to be part of a group circle jerk, or a cuckold gangbang with their hot wife to get satisfyingly covered in cum!

So, which one are you?  Either way, I think playing with cum is hot!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine