What Style Cum do You Prefer

How do you like it?

I can tell you what I like.  Nice, warm cum, straight from the cock.  What, you thought I just liked watching you cum sluts eat it? No, my pets, Mistress Christine understands your cum cravings because she likes it, too!  That’s not what we’re here to talk about though. Everyone is different, and I want to know, do you like it nice and hot or frozen?

The Case for Warm Cum

I think warm spooge is creamy and delicious, whereas cold man juice seems slimy to me – wouldn’t really know. As a cum connoisseur, I always get mine warm! I think it’s also more erotic to get a warm load, whether you’ve shot it into your hand, you’re eating a cream pie from your hot wife’s pussy, or straight from a cock, the endorphines and horny feelings are still running through you.

The Case for Cold Cum

Well, you can’t suck on a warm cum cube, now can you? Sometimes you spunk junkies want to slurp down a big load, more than any one person can nut off in one shot, so the only option is cold jizz. Or maybe lukewarm, if you put it in some warm water first. The cold stuff can also lend itself well to a humiliation scene, like having a reluctant cum eater swallow a load after they’re sexual high is gone.

However you prefer it, all I expect is that you eat your cum for me every time!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine