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How Amusing

I cannot even remember how many times someone has asked this question of me.  Definitely over 200 times.  Perhaps that very question has been concerning you.  Maybe it is the reason you have not yet given in to your fantasies of cum eating.

When I hear this, I giggle.  Quietly, usually.  I am not out to embarrass you…unless you specifically ask me to.  But it seems like such a huge jump to me to equate eating your own cum with being gay.

My Thoughts On That

You enjoy having a woman suck your cock, make you cum and eat your hot load.  It turns you on to see her do that.  Chances are that you have kissed her after she swallowed your load.  That does not make you gay.

The only thing that makes a man gay is if he prefers sexual activities with men.  That’s it.  Everything else you experiment with is just that:  sexual exploration.  So now you can loosen up, relax and consider cum eating more seriously.

Moving Forward

If you have been held back by worries of turning gay, I have just put that to rest.  So let’s talk about the realities of eating your own cum.  First…it is sometimes more stimulating to fantasize about eating it, than to actually eat it.  And that is fine.  If you find it incredibly exciting to talk about it, but then lose all urge to eat it your cum…we can stop there.  No harm no foul.

You may find that the more we talk about it; getting into the details of what is happening…the more you feel the desire to lick up every drop of your jizz.  I just love that kind of visceral reaction to a first time cum eating session.  Some are like that every single time!  Just when you think it can’t possibly get better, it does!

Making it Easier

I know a great way to get past your worry about cum eating being “gay”.  Before you call me, find your favorite photo of me.  Have it up on your computer screen when you call.  That way, as I am purring in your ear, you are looking into my eyes.  A tremendously erotic, totally hetero experience.  *wink*

Expect that I will be giving you interesting directions for stroking your cock, edging you to build up sexual energy, and verbally driving you to a release that can momentarily render you unable to speak.  No worries…I will take good care of you.


Did you ever worry that eating your cum would make you gay?  How did you get past that?