Do Bigger Cocks Produce Bigger Loads?

Suck Cock for Ms Christine

Big loads are tastier!

That’s one of the questions I get a lot from you cum sluts.  You want to know if a bigger cock, if heavier, fuller balls will produce a big load of the white creamy jism you crave.  If you’re a cocksucking cum whore, you know the answer don’t you?  If you aren’t, you really should learn to bob on a great big knob.  I find experience is the best teacher.  You’ll only find out if a big cock produces more spunk when you’ve had one in your hand – or better yet, your mouth!

You Can’t Go By Your Pathetic Penis

You stroke and stroke that tiny penis you have…that pindick…that pencil prick.  No matter how many times I edge you, how long your balls churn, no matter how blue they get, or how much they ache, when I finally let you blow, you produce a pitiful dribble of cum.  To call it a load would be insulting.  If you want to swallow a big load, cum eater, you have two choices.  Jerk off under my direction every day for a month and save every single drop, or find yourself a big cock.

Big Cocks = Big Loads

Think of how little space there is in your tiny balls to actually store any spooge.  There’s so much more volume in a big set.  And since you don’t have a big cock or long, hanging balls, you’re going to need to seek out a Bull with big enough equipment to meet your nut butter needs.  Once you’ve found it – and I hope it’s a big black cock! – you’ll need my training so that you can properly pleasure it and get the maximum load of cum from that big cock. 😉