Eating Cum with Ms. Christine

You could be eating lots of cum!

For many of you cum junkies, there’s just no way you’re going to suck a cock.  Too bad, you don’t know what you’re missing!  And yet, you still have this question in the back of your mind about whether everyone’s jizz tastes the same.  So, here are three ways to eat cum without cumming first and without sucking cock.  Side benefit of all of these?  If you don’t cum until you’ve eaten it, you’ll still be horny and you won’t have lost that cum eating urge!

Circle Jerk

Get a bunch of your guy friends together – or have your Mistress or hot wife get a bunch of her Bulls together – and have a good ol’ circle jerk.  Now, you are going to get splattered with cum – but you wanted to know what other jizz tasted like didn’t you?  And you certainly don’t want to walk the walk of shame home covered in cum, now do you?


If you don’t want to be covered in cum, you can always eat that spunk out of a condom.  You know your sexy cheating girlfriend is getting railed nightly, so ask her to save that cum-filled condom and she can bring it home with her.  Imagine her coming home, that fresh-fucked look on her face, and she has you kneel while she pulls it out, and then empties it all in your eager mouth!


A few months back, I talked about how if you’re ever allowed to nut off inside your sexy lady, you should make sure to clean up after yourself, right? And creampies are good for you and me!  You get to fulfill your fantasy of tasting another man’s cum, and, since I’ve trained you right in oral worship, I’m guaranteed to get a few more orgasms out of the night!

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