A Disturbingly Common Question

What a delicious way to eat cum!

I’ve dealt with this subject before, and I’m sure I’ll be dealing with it forever.  Eating cum does not make you gay!  There is no magic substance in spooge that if you ingest it, the next thing you know, you’re going to be prancing around in panties and high heels (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and begging to suck cock.  The latest question was a bit unusual though.  I had a guy ask me if eating his wife’s cream pie meant he was gay.

Ask Your Hot Wife

I asked some more questions to clarify – not that it was really going to change my answer, I’m just nosey like that!  “Was it a vanilla cream pie, did she make you go down on her after you fucked her?  Or was it a cuckold cream pie?”  He said it was actually a bit of both.  She was a hot wife with many lovers, but that he was one of them (Lucky cuckie!) and no matter whose jizz it was, he was expected to clean it up.  So, I told him to ask his hot wife what she thinks!

It Makes You Hers

He calls me up a couple of days later and I ask him, “did you ask her?”  I swear, I could hear him grinning through the phone.  She told him – as he was going down on her to suck out a Bull’s cream pie, that no, it didn’t make him gay.  What it made him was hers!  To know that he was always there to clean her up and send her off with one last, really good, mind-blowing orgasm (her words!) meant that she truly owned him.

Ain’t that a beautiful story cum eaters?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine