Starting saving your jizz!

You Want to Eat Your Own Cum

You have a strong desire to eat your cum, so you call your favorite Mistress.  Perhaps you are a cum eating beginner. Your sexual juices are running high and you just know that tonight will be the night.  So, with your Mistress purring in your ear; coaching you along, you stroke.  It feels so incredibly good and you feel that familiar sensation in your balls.

Here it comes!  That hot jizz will be in your mouth in mere moments.  You shoot into your hand, look down and BAM!  That is when you hit that familiar wall.

Hurdling the Wall

You lose the desire to eat your cum as soon as you actually cum.  So frustrating!  I have a caller who has come up with a fabulous way to get around that.  This FemDom knows a great idea when she hears it.

He has come into a towel, over and over.  That towel is crusted with cum.  While Newbie D is stroking, he occasionally sucks on that cum coated towel.  It revs him up quickly.  He does not even need to eat his fresh load, because he has been feasting on older loads throughout the call.

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Eating Cum Before You Cum

Since this wall has been such an issue, why not try this creative approach?  After all, you will get the taboo pleasure of eating your own cum without having to eat it after your release.  You know that I am into kinky cum eating.  I feel this fits that category.  *wink*

As I have told you before, if you are not enjoying something, I am not enjoying it either.  So let’s give this a try.  Here is your assignment:  Cum into a hand towel at least 10 times.  Then call me to find out if this is your key to cum eating enjoyment.