eating cum on food

Time to Eat Your Cum!

Wanting to Taste the Cum

A fun, creative cum eater I speak with told me about his quest to find a food he would enjoy eating his cum off of.  He liked the idea of eating cum on food, but found that, for him, the food covered up the taste of the cum. For Michael, this was a negative.  It was a new one on me, as most beginner cum eaters find it easier to eat their cum off of food because it DOES mask the taste.

He has been eating his cum for years now and really enjoys the taste.  I keep telling you this happens!  See?  Michael did some experimenting and discovered a food that met his specific cum eating needs perfectly.

Pasta Con Jism

Michael tried all sorts of foods and they still covered up the cum taste too much.  When he tried cumming on freshly cooked pasta, and tasted it, he knew he had a winner.  He calls this dish Pasta Con Jism, which still has me laughing.  Want to make reservations at this Italian restaurant?

He explained that the mild nature of the pasta allowed the taste of the cum to be distinct, and actually added to his enjoyment.  Apparently, cum on pasta is a delight!

Eating Cum on Food

You can eat your food on cum in a public setting and still be a secret cum eater.  How?  Order a salad.  Excuse yourself to go to the restroom.  Cum into a small plastic container.  Bring it back to the table in your pocket.  Then pretend it is a special salad dressing you brought with you, and calmly pour it over your salad at the table.

Your heart will be racing, your cock will get hard again, and your tastebuds will be dancing the fandango with excitement.  When you push your fork into your salad, being sure to get plenty of that special “dressing” on it, and put it in your mouth…you will be nearly overwhelmed with the taboo act you are performing, especially knowing you are doing it around so many other people.

What are you Waiting For?

If you love the taste of your cum, by all means…choose something mild to cum on and give me a call.  If you prefer to mask the flavor…choose something that you do like the taste of.  It can be anything.  A cookie, a cracker, jello, pudding, ice cream, a donut, a burrito.  Whatever!

I will guide you through some creative stroking because spicing up masturbation is always fun.  Then I will take you right through the moment where you shoot your load on the food item you have on hand.  Then I guide you through eating it.  So sensuous.  So sexy.  So naughty!  Let’s do it now!

Miss Violet