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Feeling Down, Eat Cum

In my ongoing pursuit of the latest info on cum eating, I found information on some recent research in the scientific community that has determined that eating cum can combat depression.  This is due to hormones present in your man juice.  The main proponent of this theory believes semen functions to improve a woman’s mood, so that she experiences more amicable feelings toward the male counterpart.  A juicy piece of scientific information you can tell the lady in your life, to encourage her to swallow for you.

Apparently it serves as an aphrodisiac, much like the famed ingestion of raw oysters.  This got my mind going.  Because if eating cum is good for a woman’s mood, it should be good for a man’s as well.

Why Cum Is Good for You

Expects say that cum contains many natural anti-depressants.  So I will call it Feel Good Juice for the duration of this posting.  Perhaps that is part of the reason why so you develop such a wild craving for your own cum after tasting it once.  Right?

You were curious about tasting cum, so you did it.  Now you think about it so often.  Craving the taste, the taboo aspects of the act, the pure naughtiness of eating your own Feel Good Juice.  Now that you know it also improves your mood, I cannot think of a reason why you should stop.  But in all honesty, I could not think of one before either.  *wink*

Let’s Experiment

I want you to be a part of my sexual scientific experiment lab.  How?  Just wait until you are feeling a little down.  Stroke your cock, get really excited, edge yourself a bit, then cum hard and eat your own cum.  Every drop of it.

Leave me a comment here as to whether your mood improved after you ate your load.  Was it a little better?  Let’s give these cum scientists some data to boost their findings.  *wink*