Mistress Is Happy When You’re Eating Cum

Let’s set your goal… so you can eat that cum!

Getting a stroker pet started with eating cum makes me so happy!  And you do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?  You know that a happy Mistress is much more likely to let you have that full release after hours and hours of teasing and edging.  A Mistress who’s not pleased is going to leave you denied, or worse yet, leave you frustrated with a ruined orgasm.  So, I think you should make it your goal to eat your cum every single time she allows you to shoot that load!

Eating Cum When It’s Not Coerced

Your true goal should be to swallow that spunk willingly.  I can coerce you into eating cum.  I can throw your legs over your head just as you’re about to spew and jizz all over your face and right into your mouth.  Or, I can gather all that spooge up in my hand and feed it to you – through the ring gag I put on you earlier.  I know that if you’re like most newly minted cum eaters – you still lose that urge to eat it once you’ve cum.  I really want you to work on the goal of eating your cum whenever I tell you to.

A Player Needs A Good Coach

And what you need to meet your cum eating goal is a Cum Eating Coach, a Cum Mistress, if you will.  Luckily, I know where you can find one!  Right here!  I love teaching men how to overcome their fears where eating cum is concerned, how to make that cum taste better and how to eat it in so many different ways.  And nothing pleases your Mistress more than when you willingly bend your head down and start slurping up all that spooge!  So let’s set you a goal, shall we?!

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