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Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

If you’re on this blog, then you either already eat your own cum …. OR … you want to eat your own cum!


I thoroughly enjoy the naughty cum eaters.  Why?  Because there are so many themes in this fetish and so many varied kinky people enjoy cum eating!  I’ll admit it, Mistress loves to give a good blow job and, yes, I swallow!  ~grinz~  So … if I eat cum, why don’t you?  After all, I do think it just might be your turn to swallow that yummy, creamy load of cum!

Cum facial or cum swallow?

I know lots of you sissy girls and humiliation sluts just love to get facials.   ~giggles~   Well, which do you think is better bukkake or cum eating or maybe both!  How about a little bukkake cum eating!  You know the Experienced Mistress is just plain naughty sometimes!

Some of you are fascinated but nervous about cum eating.  I can understand that but you also know that your erotic desires and sexual fantasies evolve and now you’re aching to take a load of cum, just like this man!

Evolution of one cum eater

Like most guys I never really thought about eating my own cum. If a girl wanted to consume the fruits  of her blowjob labor, it was fine with me. As time has gone by and my sexual desires have grown, eating my own cum has become my latest fascination. It started simple enough. A small taste of pre-cum, easily licked off a finger, was the first foray into cum eating. Things got more interesting after that.

Erotic fantasy gets very sexy

What happens next to him?  Don’t you want to know?  ~grinz~  I’ll post more about this in the cumming weeks.

For now, ENJOY!

Ms Olivia