Tis the season dear cum eating pets…you’re riding the LDW Holiday Blog Train! And this is your next stop. After this you’re gonna head on over to Bethany’s post on our Virtual World Phone Sex Blog, so hold on tight!

Cum Eating for Ms Christine cum sluts

How will you celebrate the Christmas Season while being a cum slut?

Don’t Just Stroke ond Squirt

I want you to enjoy yourself, pet.  I also want to make sure there’s a nice load of creamy cum for you, and there’s no better way to build up a full load of jizz then a nice teasing and edging session!  So, before you actually nut off, I want lots of stroking and edging.  I’m not going to give you a number.  You can cum when your balls are blue and you just can’t take the ache anymore.

Cum Eating Icing on a Christmas Cookie

Who eats just one Christmas cookie?  Get two or three of them on a plate and get those balls blue.  When you can’t take it anymore, go ahead and jerk off, shooting that nice cum icing all over those cookies.  I’ll bet those white ropes of jizz will look so festive against the green and red cookies, doesn’t it?  Take a bite, it will be so yummy!

The Cum Eating Candy Cane Treat

Get a glass and a candy cane.  Give me those edges I love so much, really build up a load in your blue, aching balls, then nut off into that glass.  Grab your candy cane, and dip it in the spunks, then suck and lick it off – just like a cock!  Oh, you are such a cum eating slut!

Have any other festive cum eating ideas?  Maybe some special gravy for your Christmas Dinner?  Leave them in the comments. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post with your ideas.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine