Eating Cum for Mistress Christine

I can make you want to…

Cockteasing Cum Eating

I had a submissive once who was very against eating his cum, so I tried to think of a way I could coerce him into doing something I really love.  He loved being cockteased however, and I came up with a very sneaky way to have him swallow a load.

Setting The Scene

Now, this sub loved worshiping my body and getting down on the floor and shining my high heels with his tongue.  Oh, and that tongue!  It was great having him crawl in between my legs and orally worship me.  His goal – ALWAYS – was to please me so he could get what he wanted most – to cum!  So, this one night, I had him get naked, and then gave him one of his favorite things – the view of my naked body as I lay down next to him.  I started running my hands all over his body, across his chest, tweaking his hardening nipples, and over his wonderful ass, down his stomach, along his legs, making sure I stayed well away from his hard and dripping cock.  I told him what a slut he was, and that he was going to give me something very special.  Then I slid a condom his dick and began stroking him.

I Love the Begging

You know how wonderful my hands feel on your cock, and I was driving him wild.  I started stroking slowly and softly, and every time he edged, I gripped his rod harder and stroked faster.  It wasn’t long before he was begging to cum.  I let him beg a while longer, then told him to shoot. HE filled that condom up!  I carefully removed it, and then held it over his mouth.  As it began to drip out onto his face I told him he could either leave with a cum covered face – or swallow it all down!

From that point on, I had a cum slut who couldn’t get enough!