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Let’s Face Facts

One of the main obstacles to eating your own cum is the taste.  Only advanced cum eaters, who have developed a craving for man goo, find it yummy.  I was giving this some thought and realized that the solution is quite simple.

I am going to instruct you in flavoring your cum.  You read that right.  I have several suggestions.  Surely one of them will strike your fancy and help you successfully suck down your full load of cream.  It’s your turn to swallow.

Let’s Start With An Easy One

Crush one fresh strawberry, or thaw out one frozen strawberry.  Make sure it is completely mashed and minced.  Have it close at hand.  Right after you cum, mix your man juice with the strawberry.  Take a taste.  It will be quite delicious.  Now man up and slurp the rest down.  So easy to eat your own cum!

Another option is to have half a fresh orange or 1/4 cup of orange juice on hand.  Mix it into your cum and drink it down.  Nothing says sunshine like orange flavored cum in the morning!  *smile*

Something More Sophisticated

If you are not into fruit flavors, never fear.  I have a couple of other suggestions for my more upscale cum devourers.  The first one is to mix your cum with a shot glass of red wine.  Mix, tip and drink.  Yum!

Here is another idea for giving your cum that certain something.  You will need a small container of fancy flavored ice cream.  Get your favorite flavor.  Scoop out one scoop and let it melt.  After you cum, mix it with your spunk and voila!  You have a dessert any cum craver would go for.

One More Piece

Flavoring your cum is going to really help you with your cum eating.  But even more important is having the right Mistress in session, coaching you along.  I will cheer your progress, get you so worked up you must eat it, and then praise you effusively for your success.  Call me your cum eating cheerleader.  *wink*

I am going to have you doing intense guided masturbation, edging for me, then shooting a hot load so darned hard you might pass out.  Only momentarily.  You can handle that.  Especially now that you know how to make your cum taste so good!

Tell me your favorite way to flavor your cum.  Miss Violet loves to hear the details!