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Some of my favorite role play scenarios involve catching you doing something naughty.  Imagine what it would be like if I caught you eating your own cum.  And not just delicately sticking a tongue into it either.  No…I catch you gobbling it up like ice cream on a hot day.

Your reaction could go a number of ways.  You might freeze like a deer caught in the headlights.  That would have me laughing.  Seeing you shaking; your eyes huge with the shock.


Maybe it would freak you out so much that you run away.  Just keep this in mind…I have very long legs.  I can run!  So think twice about reacting that way.  Chances are I will accept your challenge, out run you and have you put on another cum eating show for me.

Unless, of course, you are a long distance running champion.  Then you might be able to outdistance me.  That begs the question….why??  *laugh*  You know you love having me coach you to eat your cum.  You adore being a kinky perv.  Do not change a thing.

Step Up to the Plate

I like to think that while you would be mortified, and surprised, you would also find it tremendously exciting to be busted by me.  So exciting that your cock is already getting hard again.  Ready for round two.

So let’s get to that round two game.  Start stroking for me.  It is likely that I would give you some very intense guided masturbation instructions, and tease you with little tastes of your pre-cum.  It is a blast to work you into a lather this way.

You Know You Want It

Before you even started stroking again, both of us knew that you want to eat another load of hot, fresh, creamy cum for me.  This time you will do it with me right next to you; watching you closely.  I am encouraging you to try new stroking methods, edging you to the verge of madness.

Finally…that second load is ready to shoot.  It is an amazing moment.  Me, watching your hand stroking your cock.  You, watching me watching you.  I hear you moan and realize that you are getting ready to shoot.  That’s it…naughty cum eater…shoot that load.  Directly into your mouth this time.  Mistress likes to be entertained!  What a hot cum eating fantasy.

Your Experiences

Have you ever been caught eating cum?  If so, tell me about it.  Do you fantasize about being caught?  I love hearing your naughty confessions.  *wink*