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Introducing a Cum Slut

I had an experience last night that had me laughing so hard.  It was exciting and very entertaining.  Being an avid cum eater, I think you will relate to this.

A guy called whom I will refer to as “t. the cum slut”.  Once again, the desire to eat his own cum had struck him hard and he had a serious need for me to tease him, urge him to stroke, put him in the pretzel position and have him cum in his own mouth.  Sounds fairly straight forward, but things always get a little skewed with “t. the cum slut”.

Things Begin to Go Off Course

Sometimes I forget about the humiliation aspects inherent in eating your own cum.  I bet you do not. *grin*  This particular guy gets so excited that he can’t stay still.  The laptop I am watching on is carried from bed to floor, from room to room.  This happens off and on until I am a little woozy from the motion.  But it has me laughing too.

Finally “t. the cum slut” alights in his bathroom.  He lies down on the floor and manages to hold the cam in one hand, stroke with the other and keep his legs and ass up in the air.  So his cock is pointing straight at his mouth and I am looking down from straight above.  Quite a great angle, but not one he can manage for long.  That pretzel position, his favorite cum eating position is awkward!!  *laughing*

You Must Keep Your Mouth Open

This is something I have to keep telling him.  Over and over.  Between bursts of my laughter and other comments about his extreme eagerness to put on this naughty cum eating cam show for me.  Have I mentioned how much it adds to a cum eating session when I can see you in action??  OMG.

So…”t. the cum slut” is more focused on what he is doing than keeping the camera pointing in the right direction.  Soon things slip out of frame and I am looking at a corner of the ceiling.  “Hello!  Hello…can you hear me cum slut?”  Finally I got his attention and he adjusted the view for me.  Back on track!  But…his mouth is barely open.  “Wider.  Open it wider.  Wider than that.”  If I could have put a stick in there to prop it open, I would have.  It is a simple fact…the cum cannot shoot into your mouth if your mouth is not open wide.

Telltale Sign of Cum Eating

Finally it is the moment of truth.  He shoots.  He gets some in his mouth.  He gets a lot on his top lip.  It was quite a large load of fresh cum.  “t. the cum slut” sits up and faces the camera.  I see this huge, white “Got Milk?” looking cum mustache on his upper lip.  Yes, I burst out laughing and he blushed like mad.

Just so you know, “t. the cum slut” gave me full permission to post details about this session.  He knows that he provided great entertainment and amusement to me.  Thank you for the show!

Have you put on a cum eating cam show?  How was it for you?

Did you end up with a cum mustache?  Did you eat it, or leave it there for a while?

Mistress loves to know these things!  This is a great place to confess.  *smile*