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Listening to “They”

That elusive group of people we call “they” may have told you a lot about eating cum.  “It’s only for women.”   “That makes you gay.”  “Only a sicko would do that!”  But I have news for you…”they” is wrong.  It is not only natural to be curious about your own ejaculate, it is also highly arousing.

You have watched women eat your cum for years!  Was that disgusting or perverted?  Of course not.  Watching her swallow your cum, lick the tip and then her lips, likely had you rock hard.  You may have even fed your creamy cum  to a woman on your finger, and felt intensely stimulated.  All of those same sensations apply to you eating your own!

Follow Your Emotions

You would not be here on this blog, reading this posting if you had not been turned-on at the thought of eating your cum at some point.  Let’s just put that right out in black and white.  That is okay.  We are not here to judge you or deflect your thoughts from your natural urges.  Our role is simply to help you accept your craving, coach you through it, and teach you fun ways to indulge.

My advice is to try it once.  Even if it is just a taste.  If you find yourself longing to eat your cum again, consider a coached cum eating session with one of us.  With a beautiful, experienced Mistress by your side, this fetish becomes so much more than it could be going it solo.

Adding Zest

You have likely been sexual active for a good number of years.  Experienced in making out, oral sex, sexual intercourse, 69, and other intimate activities.  As fabulous as they are, it is important to spice things up every now and then.  Eating your own cum could very well be the most exciting fetish you have tried in a long time!  It is also a great addition to a guided masturbation, edging phone sex session.

The taboo aspect of cum eating is conversely what keeps many men from trying it, yet keeps other men eating it.  Knowing you are doing something that others think of as a no-no heightens the enjoyment.  I have literally seen men vibrate with excitement, and make sounds of ecstasy that even surprised them!   Also…coercing a man to eat his cum at the climax (pun intended) of a cuckold phone sex call is unbelievably hot!

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We would enjoy hearing what finally convinced you to eat your own cum.  The comment section of each posting is where things tend to get really lively!