Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

I love the creativity of phone sex!  I enjoy telling the most wicked stories!  And, since you’re here on this blog, let Me begin to tell you about the house salve and how Mistress uses cum eating in his cock control submission training.  You can listen to this free erotic audio of cum eating training of the house slave.

Cum eating training begins

I’m sitting in front of you wearing only My glossy black stilettos.  I choose black patent leather high heels because of the contrast between the shiny black shoes and your creamy white cum!  Ahhhhh, yes.  That contrast is so delightful, isn’t it?

As My house slave it is your duty to clean up things.  So when YOU make a mess, it’s important that you clean it UP!  ~wicked grin~

Mistress knows tease and denial

I’ve been teasing you as part of your training but I haven’t granted you permission to cum.  As the cum builds up in your balls, I might even have you in chastity for Mistress.  When a slave is put in chastity or on an orgasm denial program, he will learn his duties VERY quickly!  Sissy sluts need chastity because you will get very naughty at the drop of a hat.  Or, should I say, drop of the panties!

Clean up training time

But TODAY, the chastity device is off and Mistress is seated before you wearing the cum licking training high heels.  You might or might not know what’s coming.  When I grant you release, you will make a worship puddle for Mistress.  What happens when you see a puddle on the floor?  Why, you must lick it up!  That’s it.  Get EVERY DROP of creamy whiteness as I tap the pointed toe of My sexy high heeled shoe!

It’s good to the last drop isn’t it?

Now, the teasing begins again and just wait until you find out what’s in store for you NEXT!

What do you think should happen?  Post in the comments section or simply give Me a call.  ~smiles~  I do need to hear from My house slaves!

Ms Olivia