Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Mmmm… yummy vanilla cream!

You Know What A Chocolate Cream Pie Is

I know you do.  It’s when a big black cock fills your Mistress’ pussy with thick cream, and you get to eat it out.  It tastes so good, doesn’t it?  Does it taste better because of the humiliation of knowing that you just can’t satisfy you’re hot wife, that she has a hankering for big black cock?  If you’ve got a pindick, and your Cuckoldress won’t let that thing anywhere near her honey hole, you won’t be getting any vanilla cream pie.

Serving Your Wife

Even if you’re not in a cuckold relationship, you really should be serving your hot wife.  Maybe she’s not even aware of these cum eating urges you have.  Even if she isn’t, it’s really not right that on the rare occasions you get to stick your cock inside of her and enjoy her pussy that you leave her a mess when you’re done.  So from now on, whenever you have vanilla sex with her, you’re going to clean her up.

Honoring Your Mistress

Think of it not only as serving her, but honoring your Cum Mistress as well.  When you’ve thrust that dick in as deep as it will go, and deposited your seed, pull out, kiss your way down her body, and start lapping at her pussy.  Get that tongue in there as deep as it will go, make sure you get every last drop!  She may think it’s a bit weird at first, but after you’ve given her a couple of orgasms – c’mon, I know you didn’t give her any while you were fucking her you Two Pump Chump! – she’ll make sure it’s part of every sex session. ; )

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine