Have you ever wondered how your Mistress creates individual cum eating games for you to play? I’ve had a few guys ask me about this, so I thought I’d make it the topic for today’s blog post. I’m including the link if you’d like to listen to the blog in this cum eating games audio. The simple answer is, I just make things up! The more nuanced answer, of course, is more complicated than that.

How I Create My Cum Eating GamesExperienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975 Femdom cum eating

The most important thing about creating a cum eating game, in my opinion, is knowing your audience. You can’t tailor-make a cum eating game to appeal to someone you know nothing about, after all. So what I like to do before I ever give you a cum eating assignment is to get you know you. The more I can learn about you, the better and more intense the game I create will be!

Everyone is an individual. So it stands to reason that the kind of game that will tickle Person A’s fancy might not do anything for Person B, and what Person B likes, Person A might be disgusted by, and so on. So it really takes some getting to know you in order to make the perfect game for you. I’ll ask a lot of questions but don’t worry, it’ll be sexy – I need to know things like:

  • Are you a no-frills kind of guy, or do you like your cum eating instructions to be more complex?
  • Do you have any health issues or anything that might prevent you from doing what I ask?
  • Is this game going to be long-term, or will it just last the length of a single phone sex call?

All these are questions I like to have the answers to before I start creating any individual games for you. MY goal is to create fun games that we both can enjoy – sure, I love being the strict Mistress but I also enjoy sensual cum eating encouragement.

Why Is Edging Important?

While each game that I create for you is different from games I create for others, there are some commonalities. For example, all my cum eating games involve a good bit of orgasm edging. Why, you ask? It’s partly because I simply enjoy edging, but mostly because it helps you produce more cum for you to eat for me later! Cum eating is no fun without a big load to clean up. If it’s just a few drops, the act of eating your own cum is not satisfying at all. So that’s why I like to use edging, to ensure that you’ll have plenty to eat when the time comes.

Which Games Are Best For You?

When I say these things, I probably make myself sound like a cum eating games wizard, but that’s not entirely true. Some of it involves trial and error, having you play different games to see which one(s) suit(s) you best.

Examples of cum eating games

I might have you eat your cum a different way every day for a week. Or I might even break it down a little further and have you eat it differently every few hours for a day.

Other ideas include:

  • rolling a pair of dice to see how you’ll be eating your cum for me, with each number corresponding to a different manner of cum eating, or
  • flipping a coin to see if or how you will be eating it.
  • Or it could involve a combination of these things, or something else altogether.

As I said, it really depends on the individual. If you’re wondering what kind of cum eating game I might come up with for you, there’s one way to find out! I encourage you to give me a call for some cum eating phone sex to give my sexy games a try. I would love to hear from you! I’ll have you eating your cum and enjoying every drop in no time!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia