We Both Like Cum Eating Humiliation

Do you feel humiliated?

I think Dommes and subs both like the humiliation of playing with cum.  It’s pleasurable for both sides. Aa a Femdom, I like to see my pets slurping down their spooge or be covered in cum.  And admit it, pets, you like it too, even if it is just because you like to please your Mistress.  For many of my pets, they love the idea of  being punished as well as rewarded with cum, it’s humiliating and reminds them of their place – as my horny cum slut!  So here are some of my favorite humiliating cum slut activities.

Always Have Them Eat Their Own Cum

Of course, that’s just where it starts.  I told you a few posts back that your goal should be to always eat your cum. It’s how you eat your cum that can turn it from just the thing your expected to do, to a humiliation assignment.  How about any time you cum, you must do it onto your own face or into your mouth?  You know I love food fetish fun and sploshing, so what if I have you “butter your bagel” every morning with a dollop of cum, or put some special cream in your coffee?

Delaying Your Cum Eating Is Humiliation Too

For a cum slut who hasn’t realized he’s a cum junkie yet, one of the most humiliating punishments I can think of is to delay their cum eating.  You know that most men lose the urge to swallow their spunk right after they cum, so I have them take all that jizz and just hold it in their mouth – without swallowing – until I tell them they can.  So much more awful when that desire to eat your own load continues to diminish while it’s sloshing around your mouth!

Licking Up Your Cum

How can that be humiliation and a punishment?  Well, don’t think about licking it up from you hand.  Simply licking it off the floor can be shameful, but let’s go a few steps farther.  What if I have you spurt that cock juice all over a wall, or a pair of shoes – men’s loafers, not sexy high heels or boots, like mine?  Makes it a little less pleasurable doesn’t it?

What other humiliating cum eating punishments can you think up?  Leave me a comment, and we’ll see if I can add it to my repertoire…but be careful what you wish for, cum slut!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine