This tease is for all my wannabe cum eaters that have trouble eating your cum after you have finished.  You see, this time, I’m not giving you much of an option!  This tease involves self bondage, and you should always be safe and have a backup escape method available, maybe having someone come over at some point to make sure you are out. Above all be SAFE.

Ready for some cum eating?

Maybe a bit of restraint…

Like I said, this tease involves self bondage, so we need to collect a few things.  Let’s start with rope and/or handcuffs, you have to have a way of restraining yourself that uses a padlock to hold everything together. You’ll need a chair, so that when your kneeling, your hard cock will be above the seat – where you’ll be depositing that nice load for me.  Next is something like a bullet vibrator, although I suppose you could use a Hitachi, but you have to be able to attach it to your dick – however else will you cum?  Now, this is an option, but I think a vibrating butt plug or dildo will just add to the fun.

Get Ready To Cum

Put the chair backward in front of the computer, and load up your favorite porn.  Now put the key to the handcuffs or the lock you are using in the middle of the seat, get on your knees in front of the chair, slide in your butt toy, then tie your ankles together, and tie your knees to the chair. Attach the vibrator to your cock, and turn it to the lowest setting that you can cum with.  Hit play on the video and finally, secure your wrists.  If you’re using a padlock, tie each wrist individually, then padlock them behind your back.

You will eat your cum.

Enjoy that video and all those wonderful vibrations on your dick.  When you hit that point of no return, aim for the key when you cum.  Really cover it in that bittersweet jizz!   See the problem you have now, slut?  To retrieve the key, you’re going to have to use your mouth to pick it up – covered in spunk!  You’ll probably end up with a face covered in cum as well.  See, I told you there wouldn’t be much of a choice!

You can just drop the key on the floor and use your hands to grab it unlock yourself – once you’ve eaten up all your yummy cum!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine