Sissy Cream eating phone sex with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Photo courtesy of Katjapueppi, posted on Wikimedia Commons

Come Out to Play Sissies

You look so cute in your sweet, ruffled panties; your pretty dress; and high heeled Mary Janes.  But those glossy lips are made for much more than blowing kisses.  I want to teach you to eat every drop of your sissy cream.

Oh no.  You will not be eating cum like a man does.  That is not appropriate for you, frilly sissy.  I have a couple of special methods in store, just for you.

First We Make the Cream

Bring your sissy lube when you call me.  You are going to need lots of it, because I plan to have you touching your clitty in a mind spinning array of ways.  Mistress does not want your clitty drying out, feminization fan.

I will guide you to touch your clitty like a girl does.  And when it is time for you to make sissy cream, you have two choices this time:

1.  You have a big O on a pretty plate and lick off every drop like a precious kitten

2.  Or, you take off your panties, cum into the crotch and lick it out like a naughty sissy slut

Get Ready to Squeal

I will have you spinning up so high into pure pleasure that you will be making sissy sounds you did not even know you had in you.  *smile*  And after you have licked up every yummy bit of your sissy cream, I will tell you what a good girl you were for me.

It’s time for some aftercare.  Come lie next to me, and put your sweet head on my bosom.  Mistress knows how to take care of you  from start to finish.

Eat your Sissy Cream with Miss Violet 800-601-6975