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That’s a Twist

I am not above a little emotional arm twisting to get you to eat your cum.  With Valentine’s Day just two days away, this is a chance for you to score two points at once:

  1.  Finally eat your cum, which will be tremendously exciting for you
  2.  Please me by being a wonderful little cum eater for me

You do not even have to love me.  You can like me, or simply lust after me.  *wink*  Either way, I will enjoy taking the opportunity to help turn fantasy into reality and eat your cum.

Cream On Sweets

You know that I love to have you eat your cum on, or in, food.  Let’s get creative and use foods appropriate to the holiday that celebrates love.  Here are some ideas to get your mind going:

  • Heart shaped cookies topped with cum
  • Bonbons with the sugary filling sucked out and your cum shot in
  • Heart shaped chocolates dipped in warm cum
  • Cherry lollipops repeatedly swirled in jizz
  • Pink yogurt with a swath of white cum
  • Conversation hearts rolled in cum and popped into your mouth

I am sure you will come up with other great ideas to make our naughty Valentine’s Day cum eating session even more special.

Making It Even Better

On Valentine’s Day, I will be wearing my favorite pink satin lingerie as I take calls.  You can imagine me in a tiny shimmering pink thong, a lace up corset with darker pink satin ties, white silk stockings, a white lace garter belt, a pink sheer peignoir, and white stiletto platform shoes.

I will have candles lit, champagne on ice and be awaiting your call.  This is a special occasion and I want us to have a sexy, memorable time as I turn you into a successful cum eater.

Combining cum eating with guided masturbation and edging becomes the erotic triad.  Let’s do this!