cream pie cum eating for Mistress OliviaWhat happens when Mistress makes you eat cum?

How will a Mistress make you eat cum? There are so many ways to answer this.  What we do in your phone sex session totally depends on whether you have a specific cum eating role-play in mind.  For example, if you want to try and explore a cuckold cum eating scene then Mistress can serve you up a hot and tasty cream pie.  When you are so aroused you can’t stand then you will at least taste your own cum.  All of my kinky fantasies are based in reality because I am a Mistress in my private life.

Nervous about cum eating

If you’re nervous about eating your own cum or if you are a brand new cum eater you might have a bit of a problem taking that first load.  Your specific solution to your cum eating problem will depend on you. Each person is an individual. What works with one people won’t work with another person. What is arousing to you might be a total turnoff to another. This is where the personal attention of your phone sex call makes all the difference in the world. I get to know you, your fantasy and your triggers … armed with this information, Mistress makes you eat cum.

Cum eating is naughty

No matter what your specific triggers will be, if you’re on this cum eating blog then you are one step away from cum swallowing!  I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in this naughty fantasy!  Cum eating is the secret fantasy of many men. Don’t be surprised if you are one of the many men who want to share your cum eating fantasy with your partner.

This Mistress loves cum eaters

The trick will be to find a woman who thinks it’s hot and NAUGHTY for you to eat your cum for her. Many women think cum is gross and your cum eating is too naughty. I am not one of those women.  I think cum eating is hot. I’ve long said that I love giving a long, slow, teasing blow job and then licking up that hot load of cum. I LIKE naughty! I AM naughty. ~laughs~ Hey, can I be anything but naughty, I do phone sex for a career! Seriously, when this Mistress makes you eat cum know that you are making me aroused! Cum swallowing is hot for us both!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia