What is the sissy cum eating position?sissy cum eating Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to my voice tell you about the sissy cum eating position.

Each Mistress has different ways to …. ahem … encourage someone to eat cum.  When you call and you’re new to being a sissy I will often want you to explore cum eating as part of your sissy training.  We all have different ways to inspire first time cum eaters.  With a sissy, sometimes I want to get very specific about what I want and how I expect you to give it to me.

Solutions for any sissy.

Just because you are submissive and a sissy does not mean that you have NO say in what Mistress will do with you.  You certainly don’t have total say and Mistress will not let you “top from the bottom” but I will tend to take your interests into consideration.

This sissy is a perfect example:

“I would rather not do men but if that is Mistress orders I must obey, Mistress knows what is best for me. She probably knows I’d enjoy it and I’m probably just nervous and scared.”

Start with the sissy cum eating position.

Sissy gets all dressed up and ohhhhh so hot and horny.  THEN, Mistress says, “Oh sissy, you don’t get to make sissy cummies.  Not yet.  No sissy.  You get to do squirties when Mistress says you can.”  Once that training is fully complete, Mistress moves to the cum eating part.  As sissy begs to explode, Mistress says, “Okay sissy but this is the only way I’m going to allow you to cum.  Get into the no fail cum eating position for me.”  After all, there are lots of cum eating positions — the right one for you is the one that works!

What happens next to sissy?

First, there is cum tasting, then cum eating, then cum gobbling like a greedy sissy slut and then ….. ~laughs~ …. mmmmmmmmmm, what comes then?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia