Eating Cum for Ms Christine

It can taste very good…

It Tastes Awful

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that – well, I could retire to a plantation on some Caribbean island with my Bulls and cuckolds!  Yes, sometimes jizz can taste bad, and unless you are a cum craving slut who just needs the spooge, it can take the fun out of it (which, if you’re just into the humiliation aspect could be good. What’s more humiliating than getting a mouthful of funky spunk?)  But, I’ve written about it before, and here is even more of how to make jism taste better.


How many times do I have to say it?  Keep away from coffee, red meat, asparagus!  Eat sweet things – and not just your Mistress’ pussy either!  Try pineapple, other sweet fruits, green tee.  And drink lots of water.  While that may not sweeten your cum, it will help to thin it out, which will cut down on the bitterness.

Minty Fresh Breath

No one wants to smell your cum breath!  That’s a good reason for popping a breath mint afterwards, but sucking on a tic-tac beforehand can help with the taste as well.  It’s even a better tip for those of you who get your spunk straight from the tap – whether you self suck or suck cock.  Sucking a breath mint while you’ve got a rod in your mouth feels amazing to the cock being sucked.  It might even get it off sooner, which is a win for you…if all you’re really after is the cum!