***  NEWS for cum eaters ***

Santa brought cum eaters a PRESENT!  ~laughs~  It’s a new year and new changes to your favorite sticky, gooey cum eating blog!  ~grinz~  Now get ready to meet one of my favorite people, Ms Christine, who is going to help you take a load!

Cum eatingYour schedule for cum eating

We are going to take your cum eating training up a notch this year.  Here is the posting schedule:

Tuesday – Ms Olivia

Thursday – Ms Violet

Saturday – Ms Christine

Shy cum eaters

If you’re shy about taking that first load of cum, then just subscribe to this blog.  You WILL move from thinking about taking your cum load to actually doing it!

Naughty cum eaters

You know you want to – now you can!  Why not try a 2 Mistress coached cum call?  ~laughs~  This will be memorable!

Now, be good pets — swallow and lick your lips — and WELCOME Ms Christine!

Ms Olivia