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His cum eating turns into a she male fantasy

He says it started out simple enough. He was sort of bored, looking for something new and interesting –that IS the way some people sort of fall into a fetish. Here’s what he said, in his own words, “Like most guys I never really thought about eating my own cum. ((Most men don’t know that cum eating is a common sexual fantasy.)) … As time has gone by and my sexual desires have grown, eating my own cum has become my latest fascination.”

One lick leads to another with cum eating

For a lot of guys, tasting pre cum is way to begin cum eating. This is especially true for the guys that wonder if cum eating is kinky or crazy. That’s what happened with this man, as he says, “It started simple enough. A small taste of pre-cum, easily licked off a finger, was the first foray into cum eating. Things got more interesting after that. You see I have developed a taste for transgender fantasies.” He calls phone sex for these she male fantasies and one day his Mistress told him he was going to lick up more than pre cum.

Mistress uses the she male fantasy

Mistress doesn’t have to be mean or a bitch. She doesn’t have to yell. In fact, check out this essay, Mistress doesn’t mean bitch, to see what I mean. What she DOES have to do and be is a skilled Dominant able to say the right thing at the right time. With this man, it was as he was cumming and she said, “Eat your own cum. Just put the tip of your tongue into that puddle of cum.”

She male cum eating fantasy

What happened after that first taste of cum?

Stay tuned and you’ll find out!

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