Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Some of you get assignments from this Experienced Mistress to further enhance your cum eating training.  This is an example of a cum eating assignment that I gave someone who is trying to become a cum whore for Mistress.  At first, he was new to cum eating …. at first!

sissy boi cum eater

This naughty lil cum eater came to the Experienced Mistress for coached cum eating!  ~grinz~  That makes me very happy and puts me in my Mistress space.  I gave sissy boi cum eater two assignments while we were on the call.  These assignments were to be done when we were not on calls.  Here’s the first assignment and his reaction:

cum covered humiliation assignment

I told his sex slave that he would need to cum and then wipe this gooey, white cum all over his face.  And then….with his face covered in cum, he was instructed to look in the mirror to see what HE would look like in a bukkake movie!  ~laughs~  He did it, of course!  Here’s his reaction:

“Seeing myself with cum on my face made me feel like a cock whore.  U had me on on my face and stare at my reflection in the mirror.  It was so degrading seeing myself covered in cum.  I loved it Mistress!”

Not into erotic humiliation?

If you’re not into erotic humiliation then this assignment might not appeal to you….but if you are, then I think YOU should try it!  It’s even better when you do this on cam for Mistress while we’re on the phone together!  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia