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Cuckold stories

Let me tell you a story about training a cuckold.  HE didn’t know he wanted to be a cuckold.  Not at first.  He didn’t know a lot of things …. at first …. but I did.  From the very first time that I met him I knew I wanted to do certain things to him and with him … and so I seduced him into my web of sexy naughtiness.

Cum eating

I’ll never forget how surprised he was when I gave him a blow job and then kissed him, dumping his cum load in his own mouth …. this is called snowballing sweetie and I think it’s really hot …. don’t you think it’s sexy too?  What could he possibly do but agree?  I mean, he’s got this super hot girlfriend so of course he wants to keep my happy.  If I tell him I want him to swallow his own cum after I give him a blow job then, of course he’ll do it.  I like turning my cum eating fantasy into reality.

Once he starts eating his own cum

Then, there’s really a short hop to cuckolding him and having him lick cum out of my pussy.  First his own cum licked out of my luscious pussy …. then, when he is used to that I’m going to surprise him after a so-called girls night out.  You know that when I’m at that girl’s night out at the club, I pick up a guy, fuck him and then come home with a pussy full of cum that YOU will need to clean up.  Come on clean up boy you’ve got a cuckold creampie surprise!

Progression of a cuckold

Do you see how a sexy woman creates a man willing and, in fact, YEARNING to be her cuckold.  It starts with you eating your own cum.  Let’s do that right now.

Your Experienced Mistress,