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The first taste of cum

Do you have a cum eating fantasy?  If you’re here on this cum eating blog then I know you are either a dedicated cum eater or you desperately want to try to eat your own cum.  I too love to make guys eat cum …. sometimes the cum eating ends up being a tad more than simply eating your own cum.  Sometimes MORE will happen once you’ve had that first taste of cum.

After the first taste of cum

What happens after you take that first taste of cum?  ~grinz~  Oh there can be so many sexy options!  Some of those hot phone sex scenes will depend on what Mistress wants you to do.  Sometimes I’ll stop at having you eat your own cum … other times I will want the cum eating to be merely the beginning of your coerced bi experience.

Coerced bi and cum eating

What is coerced bi?  Well, the short answer is this:  Mistress will turn you into a cocksucker!  ~grinz~  I mean, you are already a cum eater, right?  Why not take a nice hot cum load fresh from a cock!  I will whisper in your ear that I want you to suck a cock for me and how can you possible deny Mistress?  You can’t.  You might be a cuckold, taking that first load of fresh cum directly by having a creampie and then …. ohhhhhh, what happens then?

 The naughty cum eating evolves

When I combine a cuckold story into our cum eating scene then … well, the options are simply endless and so fucking hot!  Don’t you think so?  We need to talk about this right now.

Ms Olivia