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Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

 ** Ms Olivia audio on sissy cum eating **

I love it when a sissy calls for cum eating phone sex! This particular sissy is being trained by Mistress to be a sissy cock sucker but even before sissy sucks the cock of a real man, sissy is developing a taste for cum.

Cum eating and cock sucking

Being a cum eater doesn’t mean you’re going to suck cock but it can be a fun way to train a sissy (or anyone) to enjoy the taste of cum and it can be the first step to cocksucking.

Sissy cum eating

For sissy cum training, I like to link her cum eating to the wearing of sissy panties! Sissy panties full of cummies is the perfect item to stuff into the mouth of a naughty sissy. Is the BEST mouth stuff? Well, that’s debatable.

Panties or a dildo

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. There IS a better item for cum eating …. Or something at least as fun as sucking sissy cummies off panties … what is that item? YES! It’s a dildo! That’s also lots of fun with a sissy because I can tell that naughty sissy to hold the dildo up to her little sissy clitty. See the difference? Awwww, such a pretty tiny sissy clitty! That’s why you ARE a sissy! And that is one of the many reasons why Mistress wants you to eat your own cummies! Every sissy needs to eat cum!

Cum eating and the prissy sissy

I’m thinking of one of my all time favorite little sissies! She’s a prissy little sissy and I love hearing her get more and more excited! She starts to squeal and beg! I tease and remind her that she’s not a real man, she’s a sissy …. She IS allowed to cum. In fact, this sissy is encouraged to cum! I want her to cum a LOT because I have her doing something special with those cum filled panties!

Sissy panties and cummies

This sissy MUST always do cummies in her panties and then take the panties OFF and stuff them in her sissy mouth to suck the cummies out of the panties. Awwww, how adorable is THAT? This sissy can play at home, but some crossdressers and sissies only have naughty private time while traveling. That’s okay – ANY time is the perfect time for our play!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia