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Introducing my partner to cum eating

I love getting a man to eat his own cum.  Cum eating is a very common fantasy but some guys don’t want to admit it.

I think cum eating is HOT.  I’m sometimes a bit devious about getting my way.  When I have shared my fetish with male partners, some have been … ahem … reluctant.  I can tell if he’s really saying NO or if he’s just saying that he’s curious about cum eating but shy about my reaction.  I can tell.  If I bring up the topic of cum eating and he gets rock hard … well then … a hard cock does not lie, does it?  I have my answer.

Snowballing is intro to cum eating

I give a fantastic blow job.  Here’s how my wicked mind works…..I lull him into submission with some amazing blow jobs … just regular blow jobs for several times while I bide my time.  Then, one time I don’t swallow his cum.  I hold his cum in my mouth and straddle his body, pinning his arms up over his head as I lean in for a kiss.

Cum covered kisses

Ohhhhhhh, as I open my mouth he gets a full load of cum.  My tongue pushing inside his mouth as that load of cum drips and oozes past his lips and into his mouth.  I keep my lips locked on his until he swallows his own cum.

No longer a cum eating virgin

After that swallow I lean back, smile sweetly and say, “See?  I knew you could eat your own cum for me.  Now that you’ve done it once, we can really PLAY!”

Ready for YOUR cum eating playtime?

Ms Olivia