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From cum curious to cum eater

He started out being curious about cum eating. Like a lot of guys new to cum eating, he thought he was probably the only one who wanted to lick up his own jizz. Did you know that cum eating is actually a HUGE fantasy for a ton of men? It is!  If you are one of the men who fantasize about cum eating then this true story will make you …. ahem … do lots of things!

How do you know you really want to eat your own cum?

One of the ways I can tell is this:  I ask a phone sex caller about what kinds of porn he watches, if I hear a gasp and a sharp intake of breathe then I might I chuckle softly and ask, you watch a lot of blow jobs and facials, don’t you and YOU are the one getting that hot cum all over your face and down your throat? If there’s a whimpering moan on the other end of the phone call, I know I have a guy who WILL eventually eat his own cum. Some guys just want the cum eating fantasy – but others really DO want to be a full blown cum swallower.

Cum eating reality

After looking at all the blow job porn and cum facials, he decided he was ready (and willing) to turn his cum eating fantasy into reality.

What happens next for the future cum junkie?

He DID it! He ate his own cum for Mistress. Now, what’s going on with him? He’s a self-proclaimed cum junkie, calling this Experienced Mistress to say he is jonesing for a fresh hot creamy load of cum!

Are YOU ready to be a cum junkie?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia