Experienced Mistress Olivia cum eating

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Are you a sissy?

Let’s get you into a cute pair of panties because I have a very special way for a sissy to clean those panties.  You are going to be a sissy cum eater while you … ahem … launder your panties.  I’m telling you, this will be way more fun for a sissy than simply washing your lingerie!  Is cum eating for you?  Put on your panties and let’s find out.

Naughty sissy eats her cummies

This Experienced Mistress loves to put a naughty sissy in chastity until sissy is fully willing and able to do exactly what Mistress says.  Imagine your cute lil sissy clitty all locked up until Mistress says you are allowed to be out of chastity.  You will be aching and ever so ready to have Mistress play with you!  This is a super hot phone sex fantasy and when you hear the words, “Make some cummies in your panties” you will be more than ready.

Sissy licks up cum

You hear my voice, “Take the panties off, sissy.  That’s right, slide those panties off and put the cummie in your mouth.  Do a good job cleaning up all the cum!”

OH MY!  Is sissy ready for a laundry lesson?  ~laughs~

Ms Olivia