cum eating by Ms Olivia

** Listen to Ms Olivia audio sissy cum eating **

Sissy training and cum eating

I think that cum eating needs to be part of any sissy training program.  Some sissies are reluctant to take that first cum load but with Mistress training any sissy can learn to be a better sissy.  If you really apply yourself (pun intended) then you might become the best sissy ever for the Experienced Mistress.  I have to tell you, I have some really amazing sissy cum eaters, so you will have to work HARD (again, pun intended).  There are lots of ways to eat your own cum.

Some men must eat cum

I believe that some men are destined to become cum eaters. No matter how much you struggle and say, no I won’t eat my own cum …. This Mistress will expect you to taste that creamy hot load …. Because that is your destiny as a cum slave for Mistress.  This is especially true if you are a sissy.  AND, cum eating is good for you!

Cum eating and the sissy

If you are a sissy or a sissy boi then cum eating will be part of your training. Oh you might resist but Mistress expects you to do your sissy training program to the fullest and that means cum eating.

Sissy quote about cum eating

Here is a quote from a sissy who is taking sissy training seriously:

” … this weekend I melted the cum I deposited into my container, started playing with my sissy dick and poured the contents into my mouth and swished and held it there until I was about to cum and swallowed. I have to admit it was exciting but tasted terrible, and I felt pretty horrible for a few hours. but being a sissy I have to learn to love it.”  sissy j

Well done!  ~grinz~ A sissy MUST do the sissy school curriculum and you did well sissy j … Mistress is proud of sissy. Now, let’s take your sissy training and your cum eating to the next level, shall we?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia