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Cum eating is HOT!

I know you’re here because you’re so aroused by that thought of eating your own cum.  And, it IS super hot, isn’t it?  ~grinz~  We know!

Is there a part of you that is asking yourself:  is cum eating kinky or crazy?

Cum eating fantasy

This is a huge fantasy!  And, listen to your cum eating coach Ms Olivia, you are NOT crazy to yearn for something naughty to spice up your erotic life.  Who said you can’t eat your own cum?  After all, if SHE will swallow your load I think it’s only fair that you should too!  If you haven’t heard my free erotic audio on The Art of the Blow Job then you need to listen!  Do I swallow?  YES!  So … *taps the toe of my high heeled shoe* … if I swallow ….. hmmmmmmm?  ~looks expectantly at you~

After the first taste of cum

So, take that load and at least try it!  If you hate to eat your own cum then don’t have to do it again.  But …. ~grinz~ … you might just find yourself a very horny, happy and PROUD cum eater!

The proud cum eater

Here’s just one comment from someone who identifies as a proud cum eater!

It’s me little dick Ellis. We had a phone session today, and I became a CUM eater thanks too you!! I loved the way you exited the call by repeating the term cum eater!! Thats what I’am!!!

Cum eating jitters

Here’s your question:  Are YOU a proud cum eater?  Tell me all about it during your call or right here in the blog comments!

Ms Olivia