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What is your favorite way to eat your own cum?

There are so many naughty ways to eat your own cum.  In an earlier blog post I shared my own sneaky way of getting a cum eating newbie to taste his first load of cum.  How?  Snowballing!  ~laughs~  It works, trust me on this one, it totally works.

How did you first taste your own cum?

Some of you are fans of freezing cum cubes and then turning your cum into a high protein … ahem … shake!  ~laughs~  I’ve blogged before about the cum on candy eaters and that’s still some of my all time favorite cum eating calls!  Oh my speaking of favorites, what about the “he sucked his own dick” and ate his own cum calls?  ~swoons~  There are SO MANY ways to eat cum.

Licking cum off a dildo

I think sex toys are fantastic and there’s some super sexy about shooting a load of cum on a dildo and then slowly licking it off as I urge you to “Lick that cock, lick up ALL that cum.”

Licking cum off your hand

The single most common way to eat your own cum is to shoot your load right in the palm of your hand and then lap it up.  OH FUCK that is so hot!

So……I want to hear from you.  What is your favorite way to eat your own cum?

Ms Olivia