cum eating by Ms Olivia( ** Listen to this blog post in a Ms Olivia audio **)

Are you ready for your cum eating assignment?

If you are not a sissy cuckold in the Experienced Mistress sissy training program then you are more than welcome to tailor this cum eating game assignment to your particular fantasy needs.  Remember to get your exact fetish fantasy, I’m only a phone call away.  Until your phone sex call, you’re encouraged to enjoy all the free sex fun!

Get dressed sissy

For any sissy assignment, sissy must wear your sissy clothes.  In the blog comments, I expect you to tell Mistress what you’re wearing.  When you are fully dressed en femme, I want you to bring up various things that get you aroused.  It can be cum eating audios, porn or anything else that get your sissy slut vibe going.

Orgasm edging and the sissy

How long have you been edging?  You know that this Experienced Mistress wants a LOT of edges so you have a nice big load of hot creamy cum.  That’s right, you get to cum today, tomorrow, the next day and more!

Save your cum

Here’s what I want you to do, each day do 10 sissy stick stroking edges.  These can be a short edge or a long orgasm edge but I want 10 full edges and then … YES!  You are allowed to cum.  TWO caveats to this masturbation instruction:

  1. You must SAVE each and every cum load.  You can make cum cubes in the freezer or dump all your cum in a baggie so it is one big huge load of cum.  But I want you to FREEZE your cum for one full week.
  2. You must leave comments on this blog and tell me what you are fantasizing about as you work your cock stroking edges to build up the best cum loads.

Cum eating audios from Ms Olivia

I’m going to be doing some hot new cum eating audios and yes, these will be the free phone sex audios so you’ll have even more jack off material if I use your blog comment about your own cum eating fantasy.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia