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The Magic Word

Sometimes I am in session and I hear you say the magic word, “Mistress, I want you to make me do something nasty.”  Really?  You want to get nasty?  I can absolutely take you to that place my cum eating devotee.  *evil grin*  As soon as you say it, my femdom mind begins to whirl with my favorite filthy ways to have you devour your cum for me.

Breaking Routine

When you first started eating your cum, it was such a thrill in itself.  It gave you a sexual high just to be doing something so taboo.   You still enjoy it, but you have this nagging need to go further.

You have been eating your cum successfully for a while.  Slurped it out of your hand, came into your mouth, drank it out of a glass.  It is time to take things to a new level.   Get you out of your routine.  Out of your usual cum eating pattern.  You can count on me to take you to a new place.

Nasty One

My very favorite nasty way to have you eat your cum requires you to be in your bedroom when you call.  Make sure your sheets have been slept in for at least a week.  Why, you ask?  Well…I am not going to tell you why.  Just call me and be prepared to do whatever you are ordered.  I am excited already!

Nasty Two

You can call me from any room in your home, or your office for this one.  I give you only one clue about this nasty method:  the nastier the environment of the room you call from, the nastier this will be for you.  Think about it.  But not too much or you might freak yourself out and miss this fabulous opportunity.

Nasty Three

To engage in this one, call me from your office.  It can even be a home office.  I will take you on a very exciting journey of cum eating in a manner you have likely never even contemplated.  If you have a particularly twisted imagination, you may have flirted with this cum eating idea.  But I doubt it.  *grin*

Time to Do This

We could talk about this all day.  But that won’t increase your kink factor one bit.  Nope.  It’s time for you to pick up the phone, or set up a Sexy Text session and do this thing!  Don’t be scared.  I will be there to hold your hand and coax you through this very naughty experiment.  Well…I will hold the hand that is not busy stroking.  Because before we get to the cum eating part, I am going to give you the masturbation phone sex session of your life!  I hate to limit your fun.

Do not bother asking me for details.  I won’t tell you a thing until the moment of trust arrives.  When I decide that it is time for you to shoot and I then instruct you precisely where you are to aim it and how you are to eat that hot sticky load.  *grin*  Have you ventured into this very naughty sort of territory with me already?  Don’t spill the beans, but tell me what you thought of it.