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When the ancients referred to the nectar of the Goddess, some scholars believe they referred to honey.  How interesting since the nectar you produce yourself is also a sweet, sticky substance.  In my world, the juice you make yourself is truly the nectar of the Goddess! It is 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, no pesticides.  Just the wonderful nectar you make simply by getting excited and then having a fabulous release.

So Easy

You do not have to go anywhere to get this nectar.  It does not cost anything to produce it.  You do not have to eat or drink anything in particular to make it.  Though, as I have mentioned before, fruit and especially pineapple makes your nectar much more sweet to the taste. So it is the most worry free, easily accessed, readily available snack ever!   Being the charitable creatures men are, you are very willing to share your nectar with we females who cannot produce our own.  How terribly kind of you! *smile*  So it is even pretty darned accessible to the females of the species.

How You Think

Yes, it is taboo to eat your own cum.  Which is precisely why you are so darned excited by it in the first place!  Not every man does it, or even thinks about doing it, but you do.  So let’s concentrate on you and your nectar. Next time you are at that moment of truth.  That moment when you are still turned on, but you could chicken out and not eat your cum…I want you to remember my words.

This is the Nectar of the Goddess!  The best, most sweet, naughtiest fluid you will ever taste!   See it as your heavenly nectar.  Your Goddess given right to eat it…here…now.   See it glowing with the power of the Goddess!  You will be unable to resist.

Imagination Time

Close your eyes and see me in a diaphanous, Grecian gown…my long tresses blowing around me like sensuous, dark vines.  I lean close and place a golden orb on your anxious tongue.  As you reverently draw the warm orb into your mouth, and close your lips around it, it dissolves into a pool of warm liquid on your tongue.  I see you move the precious nectar around in your mouth, experiencing the sensation.  Then with one decisive swallow, the nectar trickles down the back of your throat.

You have just devoured the nectar of the Goddess. Admit it.  You want more!  *smile*

Devotees of the Nectar

There is a good chance you have already successfully eaten your own cum.  You have swallowed the nectar of the Goddess.  You know the power of having that exquisite nectar in your mouth, inside you.  The joy and self satisfaction of having knelt before the Goddess and performed this most sacred rite at her feet.

I would suspect that doing it lead to some of the spectacular sessions where you masturbated for me.   Whether it was done in a phone session, or a cam session…I adore bestowing the golden nectar of the Goddess upon you.

What was it that finally got you to take that final step and swallow your nectar?  Tell me in detail.  Better yet…call me and show me!