You Need More Cum

Let’s work on the really big load!

It seems to me I have two types of cum eating pets.  There are those who will take cum wherever they can get it.  They eat their own, they clean up cream pies, whether they left the “deposit” or someone else did, and they suck cock.  On the other hand, I have cum eaters who only eat their own. They’ll slurp it from their own dicks, and they’ll eat what I’ve called a “vanilla cream pie” but they’d never consider eating someone else’s jizz.  Whatever type they are, the fact remains, they are cum junkies and they crave cum!

Satisfying Your Cum Craving

For those who believe, “any spunk will do!” satisfying that cum addiction is pretty simple.  Let’s face it.  Most men are whores!  Offer to jerk them off or suck their dicks and they don’t really care what’s dangling between your legs.  A hole’s a hole – am I right, or am I right?  When you go to a glory hole, do you really think that there are hot, sexy chicks on the other side of some of those walls.  Nope, I can almost guarantee it’s always some faggot cum dumpster looking to feed his thirst for spooge!  If you’re only comfortable eating your own cum (are you really?  I hope you’re just a bit uncomfortable at swallowing your own seed.  That’s what makes it naughty, kinky fun!), then finding enough supply can be a bit more challenging.

Developing Big Loads

The key to developing big, creamy loads of nut butter is in tease, delay and denial.  The more you tease that cock, the longer you delay that release, the more of an opportunity your balls have to fully load the cannon so to speak (okay, so for most of you, it’s more like a pocket Derringer, but you get what I mean).  I know you’re really desperate for that creamy goodness, how most of you are stroking just to get the cum, but if you really want to get those big loads to at least take the edge off your cum craving, you have to tease and edge. 

Give Me Masturbation May

Give me the month to make you a believer.  For the rest of the month, I’m giving you blanket permission to stroke and cum – as long as you eat it all up…and you follow my program.  Start out with five edges.  The next session, do ten….then fifteen…and on and on.  At the end of the first week, you’ll be at 35.  So second week, keep edging 35 times, but only cum every other session – deny yourself of the others.  The next week, deny two session, and cum for the third.  I guarantee by the end of Masturbation May, you’ll be producing big, thick creamy loads!

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