Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Do you suffer from cum and go?  If you laughed when you read then you know who you are!

Urge to eat your own cum leaves when you cum.

You know that you have this very frustrating syndrome when you are fantasizing about eating cum all the time and yet, when it comes right down to actually eating your own cum, you can’t do it.  Or, you won’t do it.  Whatever the reason, immediately when you cum all desire to eat your own cum leaves.

Mistress control and effective cum eating

The Experienced Mistress has lots of ways to get you to eat your own cum.  There’s always tease and denial cock control.  There’s the gentle but firm seduction from a Femdom Mistress.  There are many ways to do this.  One surefire way, is to put you in chastity hell and then keep you cock locked in until you do it.  You can be on cam to make sure that you WILL eat cum for your Mistress.  ~grinz~

Perfect cum eating position

If you are fairly limber, then I can put you in the perfect position.  Lay on your back about 1 -2 feet away from the wall.  Swing your legs over your head and put your feet on the wall to brace yourself. You can bend your knees or walk your feet down the wall until your cock is right above your face!  When you cum, just open your mouth!

Chastity equals obedience for this caller!

This caller was in chastity.   Here’s what happened:

“On my last scheduled release date I had a two Mistress call with Ms Tia and Ms Olivia.  I was told I would be licking it up if I wanted release.  After being in chastity for 11 weeks and being teased by Ms Tia and Ms Olivia I agreed without hesitation.  My orgasm was mind boggling and the volume of cum was enormous!  I had cum on my chin, neck, chest and stomach.  I spent the rest of our call licking up what I could muster but was not even close to finished when our call ended.”

Now, he’s looking at 15 weeks of chastity and Mistress is looking forward to another cum eating explosion!

What’s your no fail position to eat your own cum?

Now, I’d like to hear from you!  What position do you like to get into to eat your own cum?

Ms Olivia