Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Secret cum eating fantasy

Do you have a secret?  Do you think about eating your own cum?  Some people are proud cum eaters and other people keep this sexual desire hidden.  Which person are you?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell your partner that you want to eat your own cum.  If you are shy about sharing your cum eating fetish then you should call me.  Phone sex is often more than just the sex part.  I can give you tips and ideas for sharing your cum eating fantasy with your partner.

Some women like a man to eat his own cum

I know there are women who are grossed out by cum eating.  These are often the women that won’t swallow.  Just to let you know, I swallow!  ~laughs~  And if I swallow then I think you should taste a load of cum too.  Just sayin’.  ~grinz~

Watching you eat your cum

Watching a man lick up his own cum makes me all tingly.  Some women will ‘put up with this’ but I’m a Mistress who actively wants to watch because it makes me wet!  ~grinz~  Now, how is that for a win win situation for both of us?

Ms Olivia