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The Doctor is In

Test results are in and you are simply not getting enough protein in your diet.  Not to worry.  “Doctor” Violet has just the thing for you.  I am putting you on my special High Protein Diet.  It will not require you to buy a vast quantity of beef and chicken, or drink nasty protein powder shakes.  Not at all.  What I am “prescribing” for you is quite different.  Have something to write with?  Good…make some notes.  I am one of your experts in coached cum eating.

Amazing Amounts

The typical ejaculation contains 150 mg of protein, or roughly the equivalent of the white of a large chicken egg.  And it’s free!  You produce it yourself day in and day out.  All that you have to do is get it out of your balls and into your mouth.  For you guys who are new to the idea of cum eating, you may find yourself gulping at the thought of actually putting your own sperm in your mouth and swallowing it.  But the cum eating veterans reading this will tell you, it gets to be easy…and quickly becomes a bit of an obsession.  Doesn’t it?   Imagine yourself swallowing 150 extra mg of protein 3 times a week.  I am.  *smile*

150 mg x 7 = 1,050 additional mg’s of protein each week.  Do that every week and you are getting 4,515 mg’s of protein per month!  Keep that up for a year and you could be putting on some nice muscle.  Well…a Mistress can hope!

Getting Healthy

I like to call it your high protein snack.  And the best part is that YOU are the container and the MAKER of this snack.  You carry it with you wherever you go.  To work, when you travel, to the gym, home.  This special high protein snack is with you all the time!  So you don’t have to worry about storing it, keeping it cold or hot, or carrying around a container.  Again…you ARE the container!  Convenient, right?

What’s that?  You find it SO humiliating to think about eating your own cum?  Good!  There is nothing quite like a phone humiliation session to put a man in his place.  *wink*  Some of you like to think about your favorite cock sucking fantasies while you eat your own cum.  Miss Violet knows that.  Your secret is out!

Other Vitamins

There is no excuse to put this dietary change off.  Give me a call or set up a sexy texting session so I can walk you through the process.  Step, by erotic step.  And if all that protein has not convinced you of the merits of my special High Protein Diet, think about the extra Vitamin C you will be ingesting.  Each ejaculate contains about the same amount of Vitamin C as an orange!  So many benefits, no cost, easy maintenance, and improved health.  Trust “Doctor” Violet men.  I know what’s best for my readers.  *wink*

Chime Right In

Knowing my readers as I do, some of you are eating every load you produce.  So tell us about any differences you have noticed since beginning your own high protein diet.  Or start today and take note.  It’s never too late to come back to this posting and leave a comment on your progress.  I am a firm believer in the benefits of my special diet.