You can tell from the title of this blog that I answer questions from kinky people. Click here to listen to the audio of this blog about an email from someone asking for help with training him to eat his own cum.Femdom Olivia training him to eat his own cum 1-800-601-6975

This is a common question, so it’s perfect for a blog post. I love helping someone become a cum eater, especially if they try and fail on their own. Many of you know you need a Femdom to help with your cum eating training. In his email, he says:

“I came across your CEI porn blog and some of your other CEI blogs and thought you might be a good person to train me.”

I think he’s saying that he wants to move from a cum eating fantasy to experiencing this hot, taboo fetish in real life. Good!

Eating your own cum podcast episode on The Weekly Hot Spot kink podcastI’m not throwing shade on those who only like cum eating in fantasy. That’s fun, too! Do you know that I do a BDSM kink podcast with Ms Erika? You should check out the episode called: Do you eat your own cum? Fantasy versus reality. There’s another podcast episode with practical tips for cum eating that you might also enjoy. Back to specifics of training a cum eater.

cum eating and this Experienced Mistress

I always want to know what turns you on about eating your own cum. That information is important, because it will help me find the triggers that are specific to you. In this email, he included some of this information. He wrote:

“I enjoy watching cum facial compilations and get turned on by thinking about how sexy, dirty, and slutty they feel inside and how they love it. I would love to know how that feels.”

How to train him to eat his own cum

Femdom Olivia training him to eat his own cum 1-800-601-6975What turns you on about this naughty taboo? Reading his email, I think he might be asking for humiliation, but I can’t tell how much or what kind. I think he needs encouragement rather than strict demands, but this is only a guess from the email. I will check this guess with him when we have a session. He does say that his issue is that he he loses the desire to eat cum once he has an orgasm (and cum to actually lick up!).

This is such a common issue, that it has a name! It’s the Cum and Go Syndrome. By that, I mean, once you cum, you say you have to go (hang up) because you lose the urge to eat your own cum. It’s a real and frustrating issue for many who want to move beyond their cum eating fantasy. This caller is one of those who experiences the Cum and Go Syndrome.  He says,

“I get turned on by the idea of eating it for my Mistress but when I cum I lose the urge. I don’t get a ton of time to do calls so I was wondering if the training can be a distance training? If so how would it work?

Distance domination and training him to eat his own cum

There are so many ways to connect and take your erotic desires or training to the next level. He mentioned that he has trouble doing phone sessions, so he’s looking for other options. I’ll give a general answer here so you get a sense of some of the options. I usually create a custom kind of combo of various options for each person, depending on your own circumstances.

As always, reach out and let’s get you the support, advice, and/or kick in the ass you need to be a successful cum eater!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia