I do love a cum eating fantasy.sissy cum eating Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

And, this sissy scene is a great way to combine cum eating, cuckolding and sissy play!  ENJOY!

Sent to Mistress from a fun sissy!

“Dear Ms.Olivia:

My wife and her friends have hired you to do a cuckold training class at our home.

You will be bringing the Bull and I will be the sissy husband for the presentation.

I am ordered to take off my boy clothes in front of everyone as the laughter begins when they see my tiny little penis.

After the laughter starts to calm down you pull out a tiny little pink penis cage and lock me up.”

Chastity helps with your cum eating training.

I love the chastity part because let’s face it when you’re locked up you WILL be more amenable to — ahem — exactly whatever your Mistress or owner wants!  The sissy scene continues — don’t you love the CFNM play?  I do!

“I introduce myself and the transformation begins — lipstick, stockings, and heels first then a padded bra with breast forms as all the ladies are taking pictures with their phones.

Then you start laughing and say “Ladies, sissy needs to learn why her heels are called fuck me pumps.”

What happens next? Here’s a hint — it does involve licking up cum!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia